Why choose Centigo?

Here at Centigo, we believe more in networks than hierarchies

We believe in every individual’s ability to make decisions and take responsibility. Our teams are therefore self-governing. Each employee belongs to a business unit and at least one customer team.

At Centigo, it really is the case that “the sky is the limit”. Everything happening at Centigo, from new offerings and business units to projects and initiatives, happens because an entrepreneur realises her or his vision. Centigo can offer many different development routes for you.

Interested in a future career at Centigo?

6 reasons to choose Centigo

Independency and responsibility

Centigo suits those who want to take responsibility at work and appreciate an environment filled with opportunities. Our ambition is to be the best growth house for people.

Ambition driven

You get support in - but are responsible for - your professional development. At Centigo there are no managers who decide what to do. You are simply free to focus on - and take responsibility for - what matters most to you.

Value driven organisation

Everyone that works at Centigo are carefully selected because they share Centigo's values. For the new ones, the culture helps make it easy to feel at home at Centigo.

Exciting Projects

We lead and carry out exciting projects at the forefront - from strategy assignments to operational implementation. We help our customers become Business Wellness companies by helping them to develop their business logic, culture and organisation.

Close relationships with our clients

We work with our clients, rather than for our clients. For you, this means personal relationships and a great deal of trust and co-operation from our clients.

Network-based leadership

We have replaced managers with network-based leadership. At Centigo, you will get two sponsors to help you achieve extraordinary results. In return, you are sponsoring someone else.