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Business Wellness® is our philosophy and our way of characterising successful companies. Companies and organisations need to be healthy and resilient to perform at their best and to be prosperous over time. A healthy company is efficient, profitable and competitive. A resilient company has the ability to change and evolve to stay ahead of the competition.

To achieve this, businesses need to act responsibly and be in tune with the surrounding world. The organisation must have each of its core aspects in balance: Business Logic, Processes, IT, Governance Structures, Behaviours and Attitudes. A Business Wellness organisation develops leaders that know this and inspire others to grow together with the organisation. Business Wellness is simply a business in harmony.

What are the characteristics of a healthy and fast-moving Business Wellness company?

Engaging purpose

The company is driven by an authentic and clear 'why'

Long-term perspective

The company has a long-term perspective on value creation

Focused direction

The company has chosen a clear direction for its value creation

Insights & Innovation

The company innovate through systematic stakeholder dialogue, external analysis, external analysis and insights


The company is vigorous through dynamic governance and maintained momentum

Leadership for full Potential

The company enables distributed leadership and self-governance

Holistic view

The company is capable to harmonise the elements and perspectives of the organisation


The company is able to balance conflicting perspectives (polarities)

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