Leading successful and sustainable Change

Change is vital but far from easy. Almost 50% of all change management projects—and 75% of large-scale transformations—fail to meet their objectives. Centigo’s change management services help organisations overcome these formidable statistics and deliver positive returns from these investments.

Change management helps organisations remain resilient and competitive in response to new opportunities and challenges, while succeeding in gaining greater employee participation and adoption of critical transformation initiatives.

Centigo’s change management experts help release the organisation’s transformation potential, using approaches and tools that incorporate behavioural science, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and data analytics.

Centigo’s change management experts help organisations to:

Stakeholder engagement

Aligning leaders, employees and other key stakeholders around strategic imperatives.

Benifit-driven Change

Crafting and communicating compelling change programme businesses cases which are rational, realistic and achieve stakeholder buy-in.

Culture & Performance

Transforming organisational culture and performance.


Managing people-related changes with sensitivity, care and kindness.

Ownership & Communication

Developing and executing employee engagement and communication plans.

PMO & Portfolio Management

Prioritising and managing complex portfolios of change initiatives.

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