You will have the opportunity to experience exciting industries, projects and roles through Centigo's Consultancy programme

The consultancy program is a three-year program that gives you training and coaching opportunities on a continuous basis and starts with a five-week introduction. The introduction gives you a good preparation as a new consultant through, among other things, trainings, inspirational lectures, customer cases and social events. The consultancy program is only for the swedish office and fluent swedish is required.

Those who work at Centigo are carefully selected because they share Centigo’s values. As a new consultant, the culture makes it easy to feel comfortable and at home at Centigo.

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Steps in the recruitment process

Submit your application

Submit your cover letter, grades and CV.

Do online tests

You will take a personality test and a problem-solving test that helps us identify your potential and reduces the risk of discrimination.

Recruitment day

You are invited to a recruitment day to get to know us better and for us to learn more about you. We will conduct a short interview and then you will have the chance to solve some problems both individually and in a group.

Final interview

You meet one of our senior employees for the final interview, where you discuss your ambitions together.

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