Our thoughts on the Technology sector and businesses

We help clients to navigate rapidly changing markets, innovate their business models and sharpen their value propositions to exploit new opportunities and create value.

Technology companies are at the heart of the digital world. They develop what powers the economy, connects ecosystems and value chains, and adds benefit to people, economies and society. However, technology companies exist in ruthlessly competitive environments, they frequently face challenges outside of their control, disengaged and disinterested customers. There are also emerging regulatory issues around new and advanced technologies which will change the very nature and conduct of the industry.

Centigo help technology companies to create strategies for success in building customer and investor confidence and value.

Examples of what we do:


We help technology firms prepare realistic and executable strategic plans addressing key investment, market, resource, capability and performance priorities.

Commercialisation and Monetisation Models

We assist technology organisations develop their pricing, bundling and versioning strategies to optmise their revenue potential from customer utility.


We support technology firms position themselves to successfully engage with investors and grant aid organisations. This includes identifying, qualifying and setting investor expectations, preparing investor pitches, prospectuses and business plans.

New Market Entry

We help clients identify, priorities, develop and market test strong value propositions for new sectors and geographic locations.

Technology Leadership & Innovation

We mentor, guide and create structures, systems and processes for technology companies to strengthen their innovation capability to retain a leadership position in their market.

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We have genuine faith in human abilities

Centigo is a value-based company. Our common values guide us through our way of operating and developing our own business as well as how we work with our clients.