Sustainability is at the core of our vision and mission

Centigo was founded on the combined principles of Business Wellness™ and sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We acknowledge that climate emergency, environmental degradation and related impacts on society will be the source of most critical risks and threats facing humankind. On the other hand, our ability to innovate, to realise more of what we value from what we have while avoiding and/or recovering strongly from the shocks and challenges that lie ahead provides grounds for optimism in our ability to deal with these environmental threats.

Our experienced experts supported by leading edge technologies and tools, help our clients to develop and execute strategies, which create business opportunities and deliver tangible ESG benefits. We have a track record in helping clients address climate risk, energy resilience, circular economy, social impact, waste, water quality, green finance and regulation.

Our services include:

Strategy & Governance

We help develop sustainability strategies tailored to each organisation's unique needs, utilising proven assessments that prioritise issues, identify risks and opportunities, and clarify the business case. We help define ESG purpose, vision, goals, behaviours and lay the groundwork for successful implementation of business and operating model changes with a roadmap and governance approach.

Supply chain and operations

Managing end-to-end supply chains is a core ESG strategic issue and a driving force for good. We help organisations create superior supplier engagement strategies across the whole value chain.

Sustainable products, services and business models

Creating products, services and business models optimised for sustainability can deliver significant commercial, environmental, and social benefits. We help clients create products and services designed for circularity – with lower resource use, longer lifespans, options for repair, reuse and recycling – which enhance the customer experience and reduce costs and end of life liabilities.

Regulatory compliance

Centigo helps clients to stay ahead of regulatory and reputational risks associated with ethics and compliance obligations. We draw upon our research, market intelligence regulatory analytic tools and significant compliance experience to help clients to improve governance, undertake stress tests, scenario analysis and risk impact assessments for regulatory compliance and disclosures.

ESG culture and strategy alignment

Shaping and developing a strong ESG culture is a key enabler of sustainable success and a competitive advantage. Centigo helps clients define and embed ESG culture to improve employee retention, customer loyalty, reputation and better access to capital.

Diversity and inclusion

Fostering an environment that capitalises on the unique characteristics of its employees, allowing people to contribute to business wellness and deliver better adaptability, decision making, innovation, and performance. Centigo helps organisations actively assess their approach, beliefs and behaviours towards workplace diversity issues, and develop and implement diversity plans.

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We have genuine faith in human abilities

Centigo is a value-based company. Our common values guide us through our way of operating and developing our own business as well as how we work with our clients.