Unlocking disruptive and sustainable Innovation

To remain competitive and relevant, leaders must constantly look for new ways to innovate because many problems cannot be solved with old solutions. Innovation is critical across all sectors. Innovation is a product, service, business model, technology, process or strategy that’s both novel and useful. Innovations don’t have to be major breakthroughs, but they must be viable and produce a superior return on investment.

Centigo’s innovation experts help organisations to:

Clarify problems & opportunities

We help surface and clarify key pain points, frame problems and opportunities in a way that they can be solved.

Ideate solutions

We help challenges assumptions, enlighten and overcomes biases to create innovative ideas often using "open innovation" processes.

Develop solutions

We facilitate client explore, validate and develop solutions generated during ideation using "design thinking" processes. Our approach emphasises rapid prototyping to answer questions about a solution's practicality and effectiveness. Frequently we help clients engage external stakeholders to market test and assess the business case for innovation prior to its launch.

Implement innovation

This stage involves communicating developed solutions to stakeholders to encourage its adoption. We help clients develop their "battle card" to win over internal and / or external customers to the innovation.

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We have genuine faith in human abilities

Centigo is a value-based company. Our common values guide us through our way of operating and developing our own business as well as how we work with our clients.