Our core values remain constant over time even when the company changes

Centigo is a value-governed organisation. Our common core values guide us through our way of driving and developing our own business as well as how we work with our clients.

By having clear values, we can better distribute responsibility and simplify our decision making, which in turn creates a more dynamic business.

Our foundation has existed from the outset and is a guarantee for our long-term vision.

Our foundation

Distributed leadership

Responsibilities shall be distributed and delegated as far as possible. Responsibility is taken primarily by the individual. Therefore, we have leaders instead of managers, where a leader is someone that others want to follow.


Centigo should always be able to stand on it's own. This lets us put all our energy into our two key stakeholders - clients and employees. Centigo shall always be profitable to ensure that it is fully financed and owned by people with deep involvement in the company.

Ambition driven

We develop according to the sum of our employees' individual ambitions. They are the source of energy that we want to release to drive the company's evolvement. It is our drive that will take us towards the objectives we have not yet defined.

Our core values


With sincerity and passion, we want to solve our clients' problems and strive for market-leading skills in the areas where our customers meet their challenges. Professionalism is also a point of reference internally for us at Centigo when it comes to how we deal with each other and how we develop ourselves and the organisation.


We are target-driven entrepreneurs' with the desire and ability to develop good ideas into sustainable business. We dare to challenge. Centigo offers both the drive and the knowledge to see opportunities when the world changes. We never stagnate in habitual patterns or methods. Like our clients, we are in need of constant development, innovation and new thinking.


Our business philosophy Business Wellness has emerged from the concept of balance. For us, it is about balancing a number of important factors - professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit, the individuals and the organisation, work and leisure. A company and a person in balance have the power and courage to change and drive development.