A 100-year strategy that guides us towards our vision.

Centigo exists to inspire and lead people to create healthy and prosperous companies and organisations. We apply this philosophy both to our clients and ourselves.

A Business Wellness company is profitable, creates jobs, creates welfare, strengthens society and has a sustainable attitude towards the outside world.

By working with a new way of running companies, our hope is that we will benefit the world more than anything else we do.

9 strategic principles

Long-term Commitment

We believe in the paradox that the faster the pace of change, the greater the advantage for those who act with long-time success in mind.

Greenhouse for People

We offer a variety of development paths for a diverse range of people. We achieve success by attracting the best employees and releasing their inherent powers.


Growth is necessary to create space for our employees to evolve and to make a greater difference in our world. Our long-term principle requires profitable growth.

Continuous Development

The ability to change in harmony with the world is fundamental to our long-term success. Renewal should be encouraged by everyone in all parts of the organisation.

Common Core Values

In constant change, our core values create stability. They guide us in how we act towards each other and our external environment.


Individuals grow with responsibility. We believe most efficient companies are created through maximised distribution of personal responsibility. Therefore, we strive to turn hierarchies upside down.


We believe that committed and long-term ownership is by far superiour to passive ownership. We will therefore always be owned by dedicated employees.

Entrepreneurial Power

We help to release the entrepreneurial ability of many people. By encouraging employees to dare to succeed and fail, we develop new business ideas and new businesses.

Global Challenger

We have a vision that makes it impossible for us to limit ourselves as a domestic company. We have all the attributes to become a global challenger and shape future companies and leaders across the globe.

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We have genuine faith in human abilities

Centigo is a value-based company. Our common values guide us through our way of operating and developing our own business as well as how we work with our clients.